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Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon

Completed August 2021

Worn to Anime Magic! 2021 and Ramencon 2022

This cosplay is really special to me. It was the first cosplay I wore after the horrors of 2020 and the beautiful wig was a gift from a dear friend.

The entire cosplay, including all the accessories like the hair clips, choker, and boot covers was purchased from a fabulous shop on Etsy. 

The wig was pre-styled with the buns and general shape of the bangs but I ended up spending about 20 hours styling those bad boys anyway. I have a ridiculously small forehead so I have to take some extra measures to make sure bangs and the hair line of the wig look decent. As always with styling my wigs I used got2be glued hair spray, teasing, and setting with a hair dryer.

All together this cosplay took just over 20 hours to do.

Shown in Justin Pineda Media's Anime Magic 2021 Cosplay Music Video

Sailor Moon Cosplay Ramencon 2022 Ghoulette
Sailor Moon Cosplay Ghoulette
Sailor Moon Cosplay Anime Magic 2021 Ghoulette
Sailor Moon Cosplay Anime Magic 2021 Leah Lux Ghoulette
Photo with Leah Lux
Sailor Moon Cosplay Anime Magic 2021 Ghoulette
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