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Anime Central 2023

This was a mostly bought cosplay. I spent the majority of any crafting time on the wig which came to about 12 hours after some mishaps. Sometimes you can sort of "fry" a wig by teasing it a little too soon after crimping with heat. The ends of one of the pigtails wasn't fully cool somehow so they ended up a little crispy. I simply soaked that part in warm water with just a tiny bit of fabric softener, let it airdry, and redid the steps.

The makeup was a LOT of trial and error trying to get the color and consistency right.

I ended up using a mixture of Sunset Makeup's white foundation with Illamasqua's lightest foundation. Unfortunately, white foundation (or even face paint) shows a lot of of the texture on your skin and, if not contoured in some way, can exaggerate the size of your face. This was the case for me and despite how amazing the photos turned out, I now know that white foundation only works for me on trad goth days. (I also completely forgot to draw on Becca's iconic line designs around her eyes on con day of all days. I just went with it.) Live and learn. That's what cosplay is!

Working with Zentai Zone for the custom print suit could not have been easier. I just sent them the design file and they took care of the rest. It was detailed, the colors popped, and it was the right size.

This is the first cosplay I've ever hired professional photographers for. The photos came out so much better than I had hoped!

Photogs: SCDesigns/Photography and Marie Newby Photography

Wig, Jacket, Shoes, Head Gear, Bikini: Dokidoki Cosplay

Custom Print Zentai Suit: Zentai Zone

Contacts: UNIQSO

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