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Abbie Michaels

Character Demo
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Voice Actor + Cosplayer

Contact Email:

Hi there, nice to meet you! I'm Abbie (she/they), a good ole Midwestern kid based in Northwest Indiana and a long time member of the voice over industry, specializing in character work for videogames and animation. My acting is heavily influenced by a wide range of content from early 2000s cartoons like the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy to games like the Resident Evil franchise and serious dramas like Breaking Bad.

Cosplay is one of my favorite hobbies which has turned into something more. Spending hours styling wigs and doing 20 trial runs to get the makeup just right is thrilling. I love the attention to detail and the little bits of acting that go into getting a costume to look as much like a fictional character as possible. 


Microphone: AT2035
Interface: Scarlett 2i2
Software: Audacity/Reaper
Remote Capabilities:
Source Connect Now/Discord/Zoom
Internet Speed:
317 mbps/download - 40mbps/upload


Attack of the Karens


Video Game

Dwerve - Elvaria - Half Human Games

Attack of the Karens - Amanda - Studio Primitive

Audio Drama/Podcast

How i Died Podcast - Kate Geller - AudiOhm Media

XWhy Podcast - She Wolf/Sheila - Melissa Medina


A Day in the Life - Sew Hope

Sew Hope's History - Sew Hope


Wonder of the World - Cass Harris - Director Dr. Bethany Lee

The Library - Caitlin Gabriel -  Director Dr. Bethany Lee

Find me here!

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